Free FileMaker Resources

FMCL is home to one of the best procured lists of Free Resources available to FileMaker Developers. Please bookmark this page, and come and take a look whenever you’re in need of ideas or assistance. Last Updated 5/24/2016.

Custom Functions

  • Brian Dunning – One of the oldest and most complete libraries of custom functions.
  • FMFunctions – Another great site with hundreds of custom functions.

Free Solutions

  • FMStartingPoint – One of the longest running free starter point¬†solutions, does require mailing list signup ūüôĀ

Code Examples

  • ModularFileMaker – A community driven site that provides free code samples that are “modular” and easy to integrate into FileMaker custom apps.


  • FileMaker Standards – A community driven website that seeks to establish best practices for FileMaker development.

FileMaker Developer Communities

Free Plugins

  • RESTfm¬†(Goya) – Turns FileMaker server into a RESTful API (not really a plugin, but sort of?)
  • BaseElements¬†(Goya) – One of the most useful resources out there, should be a required install!
  • ScriptMaster (360Works) – Run Java language scripts to create your own plugin.
  • bBox (Beezwax) – Supports executing a number of different scripts, like PHP and Python.
  • Dialog Plugin (Kargas) – Plugin for generating customized dialog boxes.
  • SQL Runner (Dracoventions) – Great plugin allowing you to perform native SQL queries on FileMaker.
  • FMGrowler (Mark Banks) – Post OSX Growl notifications from inside FileMaker.

Free Software Utilities (useful to FileMaker Developers)

  • FMXraySpecs¬†(Dave Ramsey)- Copy a layout to a clipboard, refresh, and have the deepest level of knowledge about your FileMaker Layout.
  • FMXrayTables¬†(Dave Ramsey)- Same as above, just with table schema instead of layout objects.
  • AlertFlag (Dave Ramsey) – iOS app allowing you to create system notifications that launch FileMaker Go.
  • ImageOptim (porneL) – Image optimizer for OSX to compress images.
  • CloudConvert – Cross-converts files between 214 different formats.

FileMaker 14 Icon Tools

  • SVG Icon Manager (indats) – Around 4,000 icons ready to copy into your FileMaker solution.
  • Inkscape – Open source tool that can draw and convert into SVG for icons in FileMaker