CoreScope 1.6 Released 

CoreScope 1.6 is now in the app store for update and download. 1.6 brings iOS10 compatibility (Apple ditched the openURL function after iOS9), along with numerous device specific settings: -Support for True Tone displays (reading preference used). -New systemInfo function: CoreScope_multitasking – will return true or false if the device supports multitasking. -New accessibilityInfo function: CoreScope_accessibilityFontSize – […]

Devcon 2016 WebDirect Series – Day 5 BONUS! – Drag and Drop CSV in WebDirect 

Adapt an awesome drag & drop ordering interface to generate a CSV file in WebDirect.

Devcon 2016 WebDirect Series – Day 4 – Capture Signatures in WebDirect 

Learn how to use HTML5 and custom web publishing to elegantly capture signatures in FileMaker Webdirect.

Devcon 2016 WebDirect Series – Day 3 – SMS messages in WebDirect 

Learn how to send and receive SMS messages from your WebDirect app using the Nexmo API!

Devcon 2016 WebDirect Series – Day 2 – E-Payments in WebDirect 

Learn how to integrate Stripe API Payments into WebDirect to offer credit card processing in your WebDirect app!

Devcon 2016 WebDirect Series – Day 1 – Video Backgrounds in WebDirect 

Add movement to your WebDirect files by using some simple webviewer code to create a moving video background on your layout.

Devcon 2016 WebDirect Series Introduction 

Over the next five days, I’ll be releasing a blog post for each day of Devcon introducing some great techniques you can use to expand the reach of your FileMaker WebDirect custom apps! Look for the new posts daily at 9am EST. DAY 1 – Video Backgrounds in FileMaker WebDirect DAY 2 – EPayments in […]

Count down to FileMaker Devcon 2016 

It’s time for Devcon 2016! In just over 2.5 months, FileMaker Devcon will hit the Las Vegas strip again for a week of learning, socializing and fun! For those of you that have never attended, Devcon is the conference to go to, with over a thousand other FileMaker developers and users in attendance. It’s a great […]